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I'm a 27-year old vegetarian, animal rights gal who's extremely shy. I work one night a week cleaning an office with my mom, and the rest of my time is spent making websites, for the most part. Currently, into Stephen Fry. Also in an Kirstie Alleyand Alfred Molina/Doc Ock phase. Prone to Monty Python phases, Terry Jones being my favourite. I've got so many websites, I don't even know where they're all located. Um, what else? Oh, I like playing bass, accoustic & electric guitar, keyboards, harmonica and drum pad. I was born in Manistee, Michigan but moved to Baltimore, Maryland when I was 7. A year ago, we moved into my grandmother's house, when she got her own apartment, and I live in the two rooms in the attic. Woo! Pix & Sites: http://lisa.larryhovis.net

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